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Alaitol Safaris will make your African dream experience a reality. We are committed to providing high quality travel adventures with personalized service at a competitive price. Unlike other companies, we are not just tour booking agents, we own and operate our very own safari business and safari vehicles in Tanzania enabling us to plan and execute your safari with comprehensive knowledge and local experience. If you are looking for up close animal encounters our trained and experienced guides will take you off the beaten track to watch some of the most exciting animal interactions you can imagine against a landscape that is ever changing in its magnificence. Maybe you are looking for some rest and relaxation, if so the sandy beaches and warm blue waters of Zanzibar will await you. Perhaps you would like to experience some adventure or sports activities, if so you can choose from our exhaustive list of optional activities such as mountain climbing, horse safaris, camel safaris, bird watching safaris, ballooning, aerial safaris, primate safaris and much more. Alaitol Safaris will provide you with an experience that you will remember for a lifetime. We want you to share the love affair we have for Africa and its amazingly sublime landscapes, its forever captivating wildlife and its beautiful people.

AddressNjiro, Tanzania

Open 24 hours
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